Help Questions

Q: University Grants Commission Approved?

University Grants Commission India approved our Journal GRAMi and listed in their website, more details can be found in the below link:
Click here to visit the link.

Q: What are the Author Guidelines?

Guidelines for Manuscript Submission :

1. An electronic version (preferably in MS-WORD) should be submitted online, No hard copy is required.
2. Removing author details for blind review & Text style formatting will be taken care by our layout editing team.
3. It is suggested to keep maximum of TWO Authors per manuscript, however a maximum of THREE Authors were permitted.
4. Length of the manuscript not exceeding TEN PAGES (3000-4000 words) and additional two pages for Tables and diagrams are allowed.

Q: What are the Fees & Duration to Publish my Paper?

There is no Submission Fee and Access Fee, the journal and individual papers are freely available to any reader (no pay-per-view). However, since our organisation 'Global Research Academy, UK, London' a private limited company ('incorporated') and a charity ('not-for-profit organisation') but not financially supported by any other Insitution, hence a very little fee is collected as Publication fees to cover the incidental expenditure incurred towards electronic archival and server maintenance to keep the manuscripts for several years without any limitation, as follows:

GBP 40.00 per manuscript for Singe/ One Author
GBP 60.00 per manuscript for Double Authors
GBP 80.00 per manuscript for Three Authors (maximum of only three authors are allowed)

Total publication duration from submission to Publication would be 5-20 days which is the fastest in industry.

Q: What is the review process & How long will you take to review?

We follow the quickest, double blinded, peer review process

Our usual TAT(turn around time) for review is 5 working days. Most of our reviewers, in almost all faculty, would complete the review in 2-3 working days and in very rare cases, it would take more than 5 days. In anycase this is the shortest among other peer review journals.

Q: What are the dates for publication and submission?

Being a Monthly Journal, We publish on 01st of every month and the last date for submission is 15th of previous month. Hence, the most important date to be remembered is:

15th of Every month to submit your manuscript online.

Q: Where to Find the Editorial Team and Where are they from?

The Editorial Board is fully diversed, from several countries of the world, it keep increasing on getting more volunteers.
Click here to visit the present Editorial Board members list.

ISSN: 2425-0252